songs :)

hi everyone! i decided to create this page as i already had it at my personal blog. but i kinda forgot about it until i recently edited the Cupid Stupid theme :)

the songs which i link are only those which 1) i like a lot 2) full versions were released in MV form with dialogue 3) full versions were released on radio with dialogue


CLICK HERE to access my box.net file sharing page where i’ve put my self-edited full versions of unreleased TVB theme songs!

currently, i have the full version of “抱著空气” by Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow, the subtheme of <The Seventh Day (最美麗的第七天)> – this was released in MV form and had dialogue. managed to edit the dialogue all out. subsequently, a real full version was posted at K-TVB but it had some crackling sounds;

and the full version (although not very clear quality) of “愛怎麼說” by Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung, the theme of <Sweetness in the Salt 碧血鹽梟> – a full MV version was released without dialogue! yay!

*newest* (edited and added on 12/05/10), the full version of  “聽說” by Steven Ma, the theme of <Cupid Stupid 戀愛星求人> – a full radio version was released and the DJ spoilt the song. edited it, please tell me what you think!


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