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March 2011: new banner & updates!

March 3, 2011


It’s been a long while! 6 months to be exact. Been so busy with my exams and all post-exam activities that I’ve completely neglected this site!

I’ve been really addicted to Kpop and K-dramas recently, so much so that I’m guilty about neglecting TVB! I do miss TVB series, but I’ve heard that 2010 wasn’t a fantastic year for TVB, so I guess I didn’t miss much!

My banner was stuck at the Mid-Autumn ‘Moonlight Resonance’ banner for ages! I didn’t have time to create a new banner (no inspiration due to the fact that I haven’t been watching anything). So I have finally decided to create a default banner :D

I haven’t been watching series for a long time, and I’ve finally started watching some stuff again – Ghost Writer, Beauty Knows No Pain and Growing Through Life (on and off). I can’t believe I haven’t watched anything substantial (except for Off Pedder) in the past 6 months! There are also those series which I didn’t follow very closely, so I’m not really qualified to review them haha.

2010 series:

1) A Watchdog’s Tale 老友狗狗 – I enjoyed this. Despite the lack of promotions, I found this to be quite a heart-warming series. Steven Ma doesn’t disappoint :)

2) The Season of Fate 五味人生 – GAVE UP. I was so disappointed in this series! I think I’ve said this before, and will say it again – a very weak plot and a waste of talented artistes – Roger, Esther, Derek.

3) My Better Half 老公萬歲 (have episodes) – GAVE UP. Yet another lousy plot and despite a stellar cast, the acting wasn’t very solid either.

4) In the Eye of the Beholder 秋香怒點唐伯虎 – skipped. Maybe it was due to the fact that I watched the Mandarin-dubbed one, but the characters, especially Moses, were irritating. Didn’t particularly like the plot either.

5) A Fistful of Stances 鐵馬尋橋 – Watched some of this, but didn’t follow it religiously. Would like to watch every moment from beginning to end :)

6) Suspects in Love 搜下留情 – skipped. Pretty much saw most of this series when my Mum was watching it. It was nothing very special, but it wasn’t too bad either.

7) Fly with Me 飛女正傳 – skipped. One of the most ridiculous TVB series in 2010. Although the acting was good, the plot was just insanely out-of-this-world.

8) Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠 – Watched bits and pieces. Intense, full of scheming and evil people, I expected this to be good. Watched some when my Mum was watching, but it turned out to be a bit draggy. The acting was first class though.

9) Mysteries of Love 談情說案 – Missed this when it was airing on TV due to the fact that I refused to watch it as I have the DVD. But haven’t had time to sit down and marathon through it.

10) Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. I’ve only watched 5 episodes so far, but I really enjoy it. The onscreen chemistry between Steven, Fala and Linda is good~

11) When Lanes Merge 情越雙白線- Watched bits and pieces. Raymond Wong really impressed. Roughly know the whole plot ‘cos my parents were watching it a while back. I’d love to watch the whole series from start to end, but I think there are other series worth watching.

12) A Pillowcase of Mystery II 施公奇案II – skipped. I didn’t watch the first installment, so didn’t feel compelled to watch this one.

13) Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. I’m enjoying it. Capable cast and interesting theme. It reminds me of La Femme Desperado, and I really enjoyed that series~

14) Growing Through Life 摘星之旅 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. It’s like The Drive of Life all over again. But it is a bit more fast-paced, and the sets are pretty impressive. It’s not bad, but I’m not watching every single episode; just catching glimpses and hearing the dialogue when my Mum watches it.

15) Can’t Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 – skipped. I’m not interested in it. I have a huge grudge against costume-comedies.

16) The Comeback Clan 翻叮一族 – might skip it. I haven’t been hearing much about it. I might fast-forward through it if it airs on TV soon.

17) Every Move You Make 讀心神探 – I have this series, and have heard positive reviews. Looking forward to it.

18) No Regrets 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 – I have to watch this no matter what. The grandest production of the year! Wayne and Sheren’s award winning chemistry, and pre-modern setting – my favourite.

19) Gun Metal Grey 刑警 – Another series which I’m dying to watch!

20) Twilight Investigation 囧探查過界 – I’ve heard that this is quite funny. Might fast-forward through it.

21) Links to Temptation 誘情轉駁 – might skip it. Reviews aren’t that good huh? I thought most shows with Steven are pretty much guaranteed to be watchable haha.

22) Home Troopers 居家兵團 – Heard that it is good! May fast-forward through it haha :D

2011 series (so far…):

1) 7 Days in Life 隔離七日情 – I’m very excited about this! Heard that many people enjoyed it :)

2) The Rippling Blossom 魚躍在花見 – Might fast-forward through this.

3) Only You 只有您 – might skip it. Doesn’t sound very interesting.

4) Grace Under Fire 女拳 – might give this a try. Pre-modern setting and kungfu themed, sounds interesting.

5) Relic of an Emissary 洪武三十二 – let’s see how it goes~ I like the cast.


Hmmm… I have no idea whether I’m going to review anything soon. I missed the 2011 Sales Presentation and 2010 Awards Ceremony. And I realise that TVBfocus is a year and 3 months old already! Not done much in this time. I’d like to revive this site quickly!!!

I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me~ Everyone, come back and visit! Please suggest some post ideas for me to write about ^.^