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September 2010: new banner and updates!

September 8, 2010

It’s September! And today (Sep 8th) is the start of the 8th Lunar Month, which means mooncake day is just 2 weeks away! keke ^^

ta-da! So this is my new banner~ I hope you guys like it; I’m really pleased with it haha :D

hope everyone is fine and well! :)


I’ve completed “A Watchdog’s Tale”! Sorry, but I’ve no time to write my thoughts~ Guess it’ll have to wait till another time! It was an enjoyable series though! ^^

I’m currently not watching any TVB series ‘cos I’m super uninterested in what is showing on TV now = “Cupid Stupid” and “My Better Half”. Sigh, Michael Tse overload. My Mum says “Cupid Stupid” is a waste of time, and I did catch a bit, and I guess it’s not worth spending time on – even though there’s Stevia! As for “My Better Half”, 8 minutes through and I was going crazy; I couldn’t watch that ultra lame series anymore!

The good news is that “Rosy Business” is airing now! But I prefer watching it in Cantonese, and even though I’ve seen it before (not entirely though), this is a series worth rewatching, and so I’ll just have to wait for my friend to return my Canto DVD to me hahahah :D


Exams are looming ever closer for me! And so I’ve to prematurely end this post! Take care everyone!