July 2010: new banner

July 5, 2010

to start the month, firstly, i changed the banner! was getting a bit tired of ver. 3.0.

this is ver. 2.0 by the way – the orders are all wrong, but oh well…

i only have 1 more version left. guess i’ll have to find some time to create a new banner. hmmmm any ideas anyone? ^^

so, how’s everyone? i hope everyone is good and well! :)

i haven’t had time to update! no time even to compile the series info post for both Ghost Writer and When Lanes Merge! i’ve heard good things about those series, and will be watching them… though i don’t think i’ll be able to do that anytime soon

4 more months remain till November, the month of exams! 5 more months to free-ness and freedom :) i’m looking forward to that. i hope by then i’ll be able to get this site up and running. i realise i’ve not done much with it since i set it up in December. oh wait. in 5 months i’ll be celebrating TVB focus’ 1st anniversary? wow. time does pass really fast, doesn’t it? hmmmm not much to celebrate then huh! hmph. argh enough emo-ness.

i’ll like to thank you all my faithful readers and wonderful online friends :D i’ll make my reviewing comeback soon!



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