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new banner & TVB Central Mag!!

June 9, 2010

hi guys!!

finally found some time to update! :)

firstly, you might have noticed my new banner! it’s version 3.0, ‘cos it was the 3rd banner i created for this site, but it’s the 2nd banner i’ve decided to feature here at TVB focus, so now i’m not sure how my ‘version’ thingy works! anyway, i’ve decided to feature Forensic Heroes II ‘cos they’re now repeating it on TV, and i’ve been re-addicted (well sorta) :D


TVB Central Magazine –
Issue 1, featuring Mysteries of Love

my article, “Love, according to TVB” is featured inside!! :D do download the .pdf from TVB Central and leave me a comment at my twitter, weibo or at my shoutbox please!!!


lastly, i’m sad to say that i don’t think i’ll be able to churn out any reviews in the next few months. my exams are coming closer and closer. and i’ve taken a break from TVB series too; i’m only watching Off Pedder now~ (actually i’ve been watching 3 K-dramas — ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Cinderella Man’ & ‘IRIS’ — so i have to complete them before i resume a TVB series) :D next on my TVB playlist – A Fistful of Stances, followed by Sisters of Pearl and then Mysteries of Love! :D lets see if i can actually find the time and energy to catch these series! i’ll be leaving the mediocre series for after my exams :D these are the best series of this year so far, aren’t they?

oh wait. i’ve forgotten about Beyond the Realm of Conscience – they’ll be showing it on TV very soon… i think i’ll be watching that. the possibility of me watching this is higher than the 3 series mentioned above since it’ll be on TV ^^


my next post will be “new series in June!“, featuring Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (wrote about it in my Sales Presentation post) and Love for Double White Lines 情越雙白線 (hmmm? not heard of this series!!)

take care everyone! till my next update! :)