To Get Unstuck in Time 隔世追兇

May 3, 2010

I meant to complete this post before “Suspects in Love” ended, ‘cos it was Flora’s last series, and SIL is Flora’s comeback series. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Flora’s, but I thought it would be significant to publish this post in this manner. Anyway, SIL has ended, and I still haven’t gotten this post published. Been so busy that I’ve been neglecting my site; haven’t written a review for ages, and have only been doing series info. Guess this has to change… well, once in a while :)

Hmmm… I’m still trying to figure out what the difference between a ‘thoughts’ post and a ‘review’ is. I had planned a ‘thoughts’ post, but it seems to be morphing into a ‘review’ haha :D

OK, this is a ‘thoughts’ post. My ‘thoughts’ posts are much much shorter than ‘reviews’. It won’t feature any pictures either.

Tada! So this is my first thoughts post here at TVB focus!! :D

[official tvb.com site :)]

Starring Roger Kwok as Ho Tin Gwong (Morning Sir), a very dedicated police officer who is sharp and solves cases quickly, Flora Chan as Ho San, a wheelchair-bound novelist who writes detective novels, Benz Hui as Ho Dai Hor, Roger’s father, a policeman who was disgraced when he was found dead of drug overdose on a prostitute’s bed, Kiki Sheung as Mon Jer, Roger’s mother, a forensic technician, Patrick Tang, Cherie Kong…, “To Get Unstuck in Time” is a crime series full of suspense, twists and turns.

“To Get Unstuck in Time” is a different kind of time-traveling series. Our main character, Roger, doesn’t go back in time, but he’s able to communicate with his dead father in a parallel world 20 years ago. The concept is novel, and although the idea of communicating via an old handphone which was struck by lightning and miraculously gave an insight into the past sounds ridiculous, the series was extremely cool and exciting.

Because of this phone, and his policeman father’s investigations then, Roger is able to crack cases which have been deemed as ‘cold cases’. Unravelling the truths in these cold cases, lives are changed, especially when it affects 1) Shek Sau, a murder suspect who has been on the run for years. He’d actually undergone plastic surgery so he could stay and look after his aged father, in the police’s plain sight. 2) Cherie Kong, Roger’s colleague who likes him . She is introduced as Flora’s cousin, only that wasn’t a truth. A deep dark secret revealed that Cherie is actually Flora’s biological younger sister.

Case 1: the serial killings.

For the past 20 years, a serial killer has been on the loose, and he is identified as Hor Ching Nam. When he claims his next victim, Roger and his team are on the case, and Flora keeps tagging along. They later trace Hor Ching Nam’s location to that of… Flora’s boss, the owner of the publishing company. With his father’s help and valuable information, Roger and Flora lure the real killer (Johnson Lee) out.

turning point 1 – Shek Sau is released and cleared of all accusations. He becomes a frequent guest to Roger’s house, and helps Kiki unravel knots in her heart, as he is well-versed in psychology.

Case 2:

I don’t really remember what happened in this case. It had something to do with the note in the greenhouse, among the roses – some kind of dying wish or something. Involves a rich family and the death/disappearance a woman.

The second case dealt with a man who asked Flora to write a story about his late wife (who had just died). There’s a twist to how the wife had died, and involved Roger’s late father, who was part of the reason why the wife had died.

excerpt from tvb#1fan’s review at spcnet.tv :)

aha! I remember this case already! I can’t remember how the rich guy’s wife died, but I remember what the note proved – it helped clear Roger’s dad’s name, as this woman was a prostitute before, and Roger’s dad had ‘patronised’ her on the pretense of using that time to spy on a criminal.

Case 3: coma after falling from a building.

For the past 20 years, this man has been in a coma. He suddenly wakes up, and with his awakening, the case of someone pushing him off a building is passed to Roger and team. The building which he fell from has been demolished, and Roger seeks the help of his father. It is later revealed that the culprit is Flora’s mother, and Cherie is actually the daughter of this guy, who was a baddie.

turning point 2 – This revelation marks a difference in Flora’s family structure. Cherie tries to come to terms with the truth, and it is noticeable how the 2 sisters will be fighting for the same man, Roger, now.

Case 4: the jewelry case.

Starring Rachel Kan, this case was about trying to frame Roger, and where Patrick gets very aggressive. It was a strange case, and Patrick’s sudden transformation leads to another side investigation, and he is suspected of nursing a grudge against Roger, or rather, Roger’s father.

The fourth case dealt with a precious diamond that the CID had to secure. This precious diamond determined if two lovers have destiny together. The owner of it was a young women who had her secrets, and she was actually seeking revenge. This case was where Roger and Flora discovered they were fated to be together. The true reason why this woman wanted revenge was because of Roger’s dad. Roger was accused of stealing the precious diamond one night while on duty, and it was all part of the plan to break his family. It also turned out that the women’s father was the best friend of Roger’s dad.

excerpt from tvb#1fan’s review at spcnet.tv :)

turning point 3 – Roger and Flora get together after clearing up all misunderstandings, including getting rid of Cherie. Cherie gets together with Patrick. But Flora and Roger were not to be. Flora starts feeling insecure because of her disability and she wants to break up with Roger. Roger decides to change the past and save Flora from her accident, thinking they could be together if she wasn’t handicapped…

the ultimate turning point – episode 14.

Everything changes. All the cases and everything which had happened in the past few months were all altered. For one, Flora and her family are no more – Cherie lives with her mother, and Flora’s father is a despicable lawyer who doesn’t care hoots about his family ever since they divorced. Flora is missing. She went missing 20 years ago. Their youngest brother doesn’t exist since it was Flora’s accident which brought the family back together.

Roger is supposed to be dating Cherie now. Shek Sau was still in prison, the note in the greenhouse was never found, and in the jewelry case, it was Cherie who had saved Roger from a bullet, deepening their relationship.

Roger’s performance during these few episodes were the best. He totally radiated the lost and confused feeling so well. This had to be the best episode, as the music and everything fit so nicely to make me, a viewer, also feel so lost and dejected about the whole turn of events. I felt so sorry for Roger, but there was nothing he could do to reverse the situation.

Case 5: the final case.

It is in his confused state that he goes to look for Flora’s father, a despicable lawyer for the underworld. Following him to a house, they narrowly escape death when this house explodes. The events which follow introduce Flora’s character, now called Nicole. Not only can she walk, but she is not in the least disabled as she is well-versed in martial arts. Roger refuses to accept the truth that she is a member of the underworld.

This case is by far the most exciting, as it directly involves the underworld and how they fight for ownership and power. Masquerading as the deceased chief’s daughter, Nicole has immense power and influence. It is later revealed that Nicole had committed crimes – she is sentenced to jail.

Nicole is sweeping floors along with inmates and sees a ring on the ledge. Morning Sir comes up and tells her that he would wait for her until she’s served her prison sentence. He will just let future run its natural course. Morning Sir says he had a dream last night, of the 2 of them, happily under the rays of a rainbow. Nicole said, “That person in your dreams isn’t me.” A rainbow comes out, and Nicole exclaims, “So beautiful!” like the first time Go San said it. Roger says, “I said that person was you.”

excerpt from clouds421’s review at the dramawiki page :)

Flora’s dual roles were a first for her, but they didn’t impress me that much. Of course, I preferred the optimistic Ko San more than Nicole, but Nicole was pretty cool too :D As for Roger, he’s done plenty of these police roles, so it’s nothing new. I did, however, say that he impressed me in ep14. Patrick Tang and Cherie Kong were sweet together, but I didn’t think they gave particularly good performances. As for the veterans, Shek Sau, Benz Hui and Kiki Sheung, they did a great job!

Overall, I really really enjoyed this series! It was very exciting, and although I haven’t commented much on the acting – it wasn’t the main focus anyway, since this great plot overshadowed the performances, it was all bearable, for this awesome plot :) I highly recommend this series for its well-paced plot, and well, it was ultra cool! A very refreshing concept and I’m sure you’ll be addicted like I was! :)


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