new series in May!

May 3, 2010

hi guys!!

i’m pretty excited about the series in May! Yayy – Sisters of Pearl and Mysteries of Love! I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching both!! :D


Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠 (Jeung Seung Ming Jue)

(picture credits to OFFICIAL SITE @ tvb.com)

Broadcast Period: 3 May 2010 – 6 Jun 2010

Genre: Pre-modern

Length: 28 (HK) / 30 (overseas) episodes

Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriters: Suen Ho Ho & Lee Yee Wah

Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Kiki Sheung, Bowie Lam, Michael Tao, Joyce Tang, Macy Chan, Joel Chan


After the death of her husband, CHU PIK-HA (Jessica Hsuan) returns to her maiden home with her son, in a deliberate attempt to take over the family jewelry business from her big sister CHU PIK-WAN (Kiki Sheung).  To prevent HA from getting too out of hand, WAN needs her matrilocal husband HO CHEUNG-HING (Bowie Lam) to create trouble for her sibling.  HING does not follow her instructions, but instead secretly helps HA tackle her problems one by one.  WAN soon comes to realize that HING has never really got over HA.  WAN’s little sister CHU PIK-LAM (Macy Chan) is still attending school and too young to deal with such family issues.  WAN feels a profound sense of helplessness and becomes even more frustrated when SO LAI-SHEUNG (Joyce Tang) turns up suddenly claiming to be a mistress of her late father and pregnant with his baby.  Out of respect for their father, the sisters agree to put SHEUNG up for the time being until the situation becomes clearer.  Shortly thereafter, HA discovers that SHEUNG is just a tool of her cousin HUNG YIU-SANG (Michael Tao), who has been plotting to wage a battle of wills against the CHUs.

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


I wasn’t aware of such a series, but after watching the trailers, I’m so excited about it! For one, I love the pre-modern theme, and with such a solid cast, with people we’ve not seen in a while – Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam and Michael Tao, I’m quite sure the acting won’t disappoint! Stories about large families, dominated by women, is definitely a big selling point, and I’m really anticipating this! Although I’m not a fan of Kiki Sheung or Michael Tao, there is no doubt about their acting abilities! Not to mention Joyce Tang, who is very underrated. Yes, I’ll be watching this!! :)


The Mysteries of Love 談情說案 (Taam Ching Suet On)

(picture credits to OFFICIAL SITE @ tvb.com)

Broadcast Period: 24 May 2010 – 25 Jun 2010

Genre: Modern

Length: 25 episodes

Producer: Lau Ka Ho

Scriptwriters: Wong Yuk Dak & Leung Mun Wah

Cast: Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu


This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

KING POK (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend LO TIN-HANG (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, POK assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets the policewoman CHUI SIU-LAI (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational POK evaluates that he has fallen in love with LAI because of a love hormone called “phenylalanine”. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, POK fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited HANG has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist LING MAN-KA (Bernice Liu). HANG doesn’t believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that MAN is going to get married.

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


I covered this series shortly in my TVB 2010 Sales Presentation post:

this 25 episode series marks the return of the Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung pairing. this is another crime drama, in which physics is used to solve crimes :)

everyone is looking forward to FungYi and Bernice-Kenneth in this series. i actually haven’t seen a FungYi series before, and only saw Bernice and Kenneth in “Into Thin Air”. the way Raymond was solving the cases sounds so super profound. haha :D and Tavia looks so cool as a policewoman. Kenneth Ma seems to have a pretty cool role, somewhat like how he appeared in “D.I.E.”; overall, this series is very different from others TVB has produced, so i’m looking forward to it!

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

This is still my stand! :) After the Forensic Heroes series, this has a potential to be another series with sequels? And with FungYi, it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit! :D


Till next month to the next series information! :)


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