new layout! :)

April 6, 2010

1st of all, you guys might have noticed my new layout and banner! :) it’s my 1st 700×200 photoshop attempt, and i must say it turned out quite well. :D i’m very pleased! thanks Iris, Lynne and MadamLeung for your nice comments about it :)

i had to change the entire layout ‘cos the previous template doesn’t support a custom header. hope these colours are gentle on the eyes and that you all like it!

version 1.0 – Lai Lok Yi as Deacon from Beauty of the Game.

i’ve kinda gotten the hang of creating such banners that i did another 2 last night – i’ve posted them up at my sina twitter http://t.sina.com.cn/krystaltan, and Edwin Siu even commented on the one i tagged him in! :D

version 2.0 – Selena Li & Edwin Siu from When Easterly Showers Fall on Sunny West.

version 3.0 – Selena Li, Frankie Lam, Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng from Forensic Heroes II.

so i think i have enough banners to last 3 months? i’m not sure how long i should keep 1 banner there… i’m thinking more along the lines of a banner to feature my latest review. so going according to that, i’ll have to do my BOTG review, followed by thoughts on Easterly, and maybe a review on FHII? seems like i’m going back to older shows instead of progressing to newer ones. and that would also mean i will have to do a banner of D.I.E. Again and Threshold when my reviews are out? ok, i’m just making life difficult for myself! LOL! :D

well, anyway, i hope you guys like the banners! :D


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