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new series in April!

April 18, 2010

hi everyone!!

haven’t updated in a long time, so many reviews are overdue etc. etc. etc.

sorry! i’ve been so busy with studying and homework! major exams are coming soon… not much time left for preparation!

so do bear with me for a few more months, then hopefully i can start writing reviews again! :)

for now though, i’ll be updating with the latest series info and my thoughts!


Suspects in Love 搜下留情 (Sau Ha Lau Ching)

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Broadcast Period: 5 Apr 2010 – 30 Apr 2010

Genre: Modern

Length: 20 episodes

Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Scriptwriters: Yuen Siu Na, Yip Siu Hong

Cast: Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan, Power Chan, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Louis Yuen, Shek Sau, Rain Lau


In order to rescue her best friend COCO KAM (Rain Lau), masseuse CHENG SIU-YAN (Flora Chan) is embroiled in a triad murder case. Misconceiving that she has killed someone, YAN hides away from the police and gangsters by reluctantly returning to her long-separated father CHENG TSUN-CHEONG (Shek Sau). CHEONG opens a Chinese herbal tea shop but the business is failing. YAN drags through the days stressfully until NG CHUNG-MING (Joe Ma) comes into her life. MING claims to have a secret prescription for making Chinese herbal tea but he is actually an undercover police. By investigating YAN’s case, MING hopes to get promoted and marry his inspector girlfriend CHEUNG SZ-MAN (Sharon Chan) at the end. MING’s supervisor CHEUNG SZ-CHAI (Power Chan) used to oppress him a lot and MING is losing confidence at work. However, ever since he meets the cheerful YAN, MING begins to develop his self-esteem and find his life path. His delicate relationship with YAN also starts to grow.

MING’s younger brother NG CHUNG-HONG (Him Law) meets YAN’s younger sister CHENG SIU-MAN (Mandy Wong) and love grows spontaneously. However, YAN finds out MING’s identity and she believes that the two brothers are making use of them to carry out investigation. On the other hand, MING learns that YAN’s cousin LEUNG KING-HO (Louis Yuen) is just released from jail and he is familiar with the gang leader, and YAN is considered in connection with the case. Their blossoming relationship is thrown into turmoil as they get closer to the truth.

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


I’m not a big fan of Flora Chan’s. However, I do enjoy Joe Ma and Sharon Chan, and with the ever-versatile Power Chan, this seems like a very entertaining series. I wouldn’t expect anything great from it. Plot-wise, it’s typical and therefore not very promising or surprising. Cast-wise, I’ve heard that Him Law and Mandy Wong are the most refreshing pair to grace our screens in a long while! I might give this series a try sometime!


Fly with Me 飛女正傳 (Fei Nui Jing Chuen)

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Broadcast Period: 19 Apr 2010 – 21 May 2010

Genre: Modern

Length: 25 episodes

Producer: Jonathan Chik

Scriptwriter: Chow Yuk Ming

Cast: Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Raymond Cho, Kenny Wong, Chan Hung Lit, Rachel Kan, Queenie Chu, Catherine Chau


LEUNG HAU-CHI (Ada Choi), a career woman in her 30s, has all the attributes of a typical Hong Kong girl – fussy, arrogant and easily irritated by the sight of beautiful young ladies.  She is desperate for love and has been eagerly waiting for the thrilling miracles of life.  As CHI is plunged into misery and despair, something strange happens and leads to her abrupt transformation into a superwoman of charm and immense strength.  Every time CHI mutates, she is equipped with extraordinary powers, through which she fights for justice and helps the weak, joyously exploring and experiencing a dazzling kaleidoscope of adventures.  Along the way, she is happy to have met three nice men, namely the brave yet traditional policeman YEUNG HO-YIN (Kenny Wong), the good-natured gentleman turned nouveau-riche businessman TSU WING-FAI (Raymond Cho), and the super-talented genius KAN MING-HIN (Moses Chan).  Fortuitously, HIN is in love with CHI in both her usual and mutated states, leaving her stranded on the horns of a dilemma.

It is always hard to be plain and perfect at the same time.  Despite the extraordinary powers she has, CHI is unable to get out of the maze of love.  How is CHI going to handle it all?  What more perfect choice could there be for her?

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


Firstly, that is one of the ugliest posters I’ve seen ever! It’s very very strange. But yet again, the theme of this series seems pretty… unique? In terms of cast, it’s a typical Jonathan Chik production – his favourites, Moses, Ada, Kenny are all inside. Ada is a fantastic actress, and I’m curious to see how she pulls this character off. But what worries me is the possibility of horrible CGI, as this is the weakness of most TVB series which require it. I probably won’t watch it, ‘cos I think it’s really strange. But I’m tempted by the fact that Raymond Cho is in it! haha :D I guess I’ll hear what others have to say about it before deciding!


I’m afraid this is the end of this post! I probably won’t update for another month. Sorry about this. I really want to produce a review or at least a thoughts-post, but I can’t spare the time!

Take care everyone!

I’ll be contactable via twitter or sina anytime :)


new layout! :)

April 6, 2010

1st of all, you guys might have noticed my new layout and banner! :) it’s my 1st 700×200 photoshop attempt, and i must say it turned out quite well. :D i’m very pleased! thanks Iris, Lynne and MadamLeung for your nice comments about it :)

i had to change the entire layout ‘cos the previous template doesn’t support a custom header. hope these colours are gentle on the eyes and that you all like it!

version 1.0 – Lai Lok Yi as Deacon from Beauty of the Game.

i’ve kinda gotten the hang of creating such banners that i did another 2 last night – i’ve posted them up at my sina twitter, and Edwin Siu even commented on the one i tagged him in! :D

version 2.0 – Selena Li & Edwin Siu from When Easterly Showers Fall on Sunny West.

version 3.0 – Selena Li, Frankie Lam, Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng from Forensic Heroes II.

so i think i have enough banners to last 3 months? i’m not sure how long i should keep 1 banner there… i’m thinking more along the lines of a banner to feature my latest review. so going according to that, i’ll have to do my BOTG review, followed by thoughts on Easterly, and maybe a review on FHII? seems like i’m going back to older shows instead of progressing to newer ones. and that would also mean i will have to do a banner of D.I.E. Again and Threshold when my reviews are out? ok, i’m just making life difficult for myself! LOL! :D

well, anyway, i hope you guys like the banners! :D