February 2010: upcoming posts

February 19, 2010

hi everyone!

hope you all are having a great February!! :)

about a month ago, i wrote a post on my upcoming posts, but i’ve not have time to complete the “D.I.E. Again” review. neither have i had time to write the “Prequels and their Sequels” special!

i’ve just completed “At the Threshold of a Persona”, so a review of this series will be in the pipelines too. i might try to attempt a review of “To Get Unstuck in Time”, depending on how much i do remember, and how detailed i want the review to be. for series which i don’t like too much, i think i’ll not add so much pictures and details – eg. “When Easterly Showers Fall on Sunny West”. i’ll just write a raw review. that way, i hope i can write more reviews, and cover more series! :D

and of course, it depends on how much time i have to spare. i’ve been really busy… this year is a nightmare year for me with major year-end exams and all. and now that my CNY holidays are over, it’s back to work!

so… i’m afraid i won’t be able to update this site as much as i’d like to. i hope you guys will understand :)

oh yes! on another note, as seen on my sidebar, i’m part of the TVB Handbook team @ TVB Central! the job there is much simpler than writing reviews. we  have to source and search and link. it’s pretty satisfying though :) really great to be a more involved member of the TVB blogging community :D



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