January 2010: upcoming posts :)

January 22, 2010

hi everyone!

i tweeted that my next post will be on “Prequels and their Sequels” (focusing on Survivor’s Law, Forensic Heroes and D.I.E. are there any others which i’ve missed? ahhh.. The Gentle Crackdown. *edit: i forgot about the 學警series – The Academy, On the First Beat, E.U.!)

i also want to do a review on D.I.E. Again. i’m thinking of doing a special on D.I.E. and D.I.E. Again, but i guess that can be covered in the “Prequels and their Sequels” post!

so, upcoming posts for Jan/Feb include:

  1. D.I.E. Again review
  2. “Prequels and their Sequels”

more to come soon! :)



  1. hii wanna be affies?

  2. […] a month ago, i wrote a post on my upcoming posts, but i’ve not have time to complete the “D.I.E. Again” review. neither have i had […]

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