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Merry Christmas! :)

December 25, 2009

heyy everyone!

it’s that time of the year again! CHRISTMAS! :D

this is TVB focus’ 1st Christmas. i don’t know how to mark this special occasion other than writing a post about it! :)

here’s wishing everyone a Christmas filled with happiness and joy :)

all the best for the new year!

best regards,


You’re Hired 絕代商驕

December 17, 2009


official TVB series site (Chinese)


*note: i watched this drama in Cantonese with English subtitles :)
as mine is an overseas release, i watched 22 episodes. i’m wondering what the differences are from the 20 episode version released in HK?


this series is TVB’s 1st modern comedy for 2009! before i started watching this, i’d already read many positive reviews and everyone had been telling me how good this series was!

i previewed a bit of the 1st episode before i started seriously watching, and i kept talking about this series from just that one episode! that is one debut episode that i’ll never forget! although the two main characters, Mak Tai-song (Dayo Wong) and Lam Miu-miu (Charmaine Sheh), were introduced in what is definitely not a ‘grand’ entrance, it’s one which made lasting impressions on me :)

i’ve only seen one other Dayo Wong series, “Men Don’t Cry”, which i enjoyed so much! it was so funny, and Dayo’s a great actor and comedian! therefore, i had high hopes for this drama!


this series is unlike any TVB series i’ve seen before. they actually adopt the case-by-case approach used in crime series, like “Forensic Heroes”. except this isn’t a crime series, but concentrates on business strategies, which is a fresh concept for TVB!

the script is so cleverly crafted, and the characters are so smoothly introduced! the transition from case to case is so flawless, and this drama is enjoyable throughout, with Dayo’s numerous expressions and crazy ideas like the ‘tree-hole therapy’ :D

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh appeared in all the cases, and each case had ‘guest-stars’. the 5 main cases include:

1. saving Chai-Kee (Charmaine’s father’s noodle shop) –
Jason Pai, Teresa Lee, Oscar Leung, Chun Wong, Power Chan, Mandy Cho, Benz Hui, Chow Chung

this ‘case’ involved reinventing Chai-Kee, and preventing it from closing down. in the process, they had to fend off real-estate developers, Chow Chung and Benz Hui, whom Dayo was working for. it was really funny ‘cos on the surface, Dayo was working in the interests of Chow Chung and Benz Hui, but he was secretly hinting to help Charmaine and the noodle shop. all the shop-owners ended up going to Chow Chung and Benz Hui’s office to protest, and they even made Teresa the CEO of Chai-Kee! in the end, Dayo convinced Chow Chung and Benz Hui to keep the district as a heritage district instead of buying out the district for redevelopment. to Power Chan and Mandy Cho’s chagrin, Chai-Kee was not sold, and instead, with Dayo’s idea of making Chai-Kee specialize in ‘sai-yung’, business at Chai-Kee flourished like never before :)

i enjoyed this case! all the employees of the noodle shop were really great to watch, ‘cos they had great chemistry! it was really nice to see how Dayo could turn things around just like that, and save the whole district, including the noodle shop :) i especially loved the part where Teresa, as Chai-Kee’s CEO, with Charmaine, led all the shop-owners to protest at the negotiation meeting!

2. the recycling business –
Joel Chan, Jason Chan

this case involved Charmaine’s ex-boyfriend, Yat Bun (Joel Chan). a save-the-environment fanatic, he was the reason the thrifty Charmaine became a shopaholic when they broke up. Dayo meets a miserable Joel, who is living under an overhead bridge, and proceeds to help him set up this recycling business, as he finds out that it was him who rejected his viable proposal years ago as he was facing problems in the company. this recycling business’ employees are all the homeless people in all Hong Kong’s districts. Dayo gives all the major employees a makeover, and this recycling business becomes very successful. Joel manages to pay Charmaine whatever he’d taken from her years ago. this chapter ends with Charmaine rejecting Joel, and persuading him to fly off to the US, as his proposal had been accepted by another major company – Joel was prepared to give up that golden opportunity for Charmaine, but she didn’t feel for him the way she did years ago anymore.

this case was OK. i still can’t get over how Yat-bun’s proposal from over 5 years ago was suddenly accepted. i liked how they all were so cool and walking on the streets with their new make-overs! Jason Chan was the coolest! XD this case also paved the way for Dayo and Charmaine, ‘cos she was able to rid herself of the pain and the burden Yat-bun left her…

3. the union of the old folks home and kindergarten –
Koni Lui, JJ Jia, Benz Hui, Teresa Lee, Ha Ping

Benz Hui came into the picture again; this time round, he wanted Dayo to help him revive 2 businesses in the same area. the old folks home belonged to Koni Lui, and the kindergarten belonged to JJ Jia, both are Benz Hui’s girlfriends. this case also focused on the relationship between Teresa Lee, and her mother-in-law, Ha Ping, whom they thought had senile dementia. to ease her daughter-in-law’s burden, Ha Ping opted to stay in the old folks home, even though she was faking senile dementia. Charmaine tried her hand at reviving both businesses, and they all backfired. Dayo even checked himself into the old folks’ home as he was interested in Koni. in the end, Dayo suggested that the best solution would be to break down the wall between the kindergarten and old folks home, so the old folks and the children could interact and the elderly won’t be lonely, and the children could learn new things from them. both women dumped Benz Hui when they found out he was two-timing, but both didn’t mind being Dayo’s girlfriends. it was here that Teresa voiced what she thought of Dayo, and that scared the two women off…

haha, this case was really quite amusing! i loved how Charmaine tried her hand at reviving both businesses and failed terribly! her coupon incentive for children to visit their parents at the old folks home angered the old folks so much, and that totally backfired! her intense exam conditions for the kindergarten students also failed terribly with kids fainting and all… the greatest part was how sweet the old folks and the kids looked when the wall was broken! kids were learning about nature, football etc. from the old folks. i think that was a really heart-warming scene :)

4. reinventing the rice business –
Michael Tse, Queenie Chu, Power Chan, Wu Fung, Suet Nei

Michael Tse finally appears! i had thought he was the 2nd male lead, but it turns out he’s just a guest-star! this case was more personal ‘cos it involved Dayo’s family. Suet Nei is Dayo’s Mum, and Michael and Queenie, his half-siblings. this case also involved Charmaine ‘cos her brother, who is the CEO (Michael Tse)’s assistant, got her a job in his company. this case was the most complicating, as it was unclear who was in control at which point. there was even a point where there were 3 CEO’s assistants! in the end, Dayo managed to help the company get back on track, and turn his half-brother, Michael, into a useful guy who could steer the company to greater heights. Dayo left the case without anyone but Suet Nei knowing that he was related to them.

this was the case which lasted the longest! what amused me a lot was how the power in the company was passed through so many hands, until it came to the point where there were 3 CEO’s assistants! Power was super funny, trying to be the good guy and bad guy, being chief CEO assistant to Queenie, and trying to be nice to his previous boss, Michael, who’d been demoted to be his assistant! i liked how Michael’s character matured and developed, from a spoilt rich kid with only dreams of being a superstar, to a hardworking guy who worked his way up to the top.

5. Martin’s return –
Cheung Kwok Keung, Benz Hui, Chow Chung, Teresa Lee, Power Chan, Mandy Cho

this was the most exciting case! it had a very dark side to it, as Martin (Cheung Kwok Keung) came back! he was seemingly dead, but he was back with a vengeance. he was out to get back whatever he lost, after Dayo betrayed him years ago. appearing with a limp, he sought sympathy, and wrangled his way to gain Chow Chung and Benz Hui’s trust. Dayo faced his worst enemy, yet Martin was his mentor, but Dayo had to reveal the truth about Martin’s plan…

it was really sad how Teresa was so mean to Dayo after she found out the truth! the worst part had to be Martin’s wickedness! he was so ruthless, and really unscrupulous – i mean, Martin even pretended to be a cripple! i was so worried for Dayo, and that he might fall into Martin’s trap. POETIC JUSTICE! Martin got knocked down by a car and he really became a cripple!

characters & acting:

Dayo Wong as Mak Tai-song 麥提爽

Mak Tai-song was amazing! his ‘tree-hole therapy’ and ‘limnimnimlim’ fish theory really kept me amused and laughing for a long time! :D i was equally amused that he had numerous of the same outfits! and his jacket was like a garbage bag! his ‘coughing’ introduction was really funny – how he scared the whole cabin so much, and how he managed to get himself upgraded to first class! he also had a sad side to him – he had a miserable and poor childhood. his mysterious past on Wall Street was also very dark, as he had many burdens, and nightmares that pricked his conscience…

Dayo was great! the way he delivered his lines were flawless and so funny! his expressions are priceless :) he looked really sad and miserable in those sad parts where he was reflecting on his past, or having nightmares about them… a brilliant actor!

Charmaine Sheh as Lam Miu-miu 林淼淼

Miu-miu’s entrance was the best! i won’t forget how she got the debtor to pay up speaking fully in code about charity and paying in instalments! i loved Miu-miu’s wardrobe! she was always so stylish! her obsession about bags was really funny :D i also loved how she was the brains behind her whole team of debt-collectors; she was really efficient! when she was trying to learn business strategies from Dayo, and made a mess of things, she was so surprised that things could actually go wrong with her at the helm! her turn as an estate agent put her glib tongue to use, and although she was quite rough, she was really cute nevertheless! :)

this is definitely a different role from previous ones i’ve seen Charmaine attempt. Charmaine always plays those really sweet and innocent girls, but this time round, she was a bimbo, and her character’s pretty much revolved around branded bags and clothes; she was materialistic, and was not selfless, but cared a lot for her family. Charmaine did a great job as Miu-miu! she made Miu-miu into a really believable character, who was loveable, but also had her flaws.

Teresa Lee as Sheh Mo-lin 佘慕蓮;
Ha Ping as Betty 周小俏;
KK 仔

Mo-lin is a doting mother and dutiful daughter-in-law. she worked really hard to get the family out of their debt, which was incurred by Betty 媽, when she was cheated of her money. Mo-lin is very grateful to Mak Tai-song, as he gave them all his savings to clear Martin’s debts after his disappearance; she later falls for Song, but with Miu-miu and Johnny’s help, she realises that the one she loves the most is Martin. she leaves the story for a few episodes as she believes Martin is still alive and in New York, looking for them.

i’ve never seen Teresa before, but i really liked her in this role! she was really sweet, and her chemistry with Ha Ping and KK仔 was really heart-warming :) even though Teresa’s Cantonese was highly-accented, i liked the tone of her voice; it was pleasing to the ears.

Betty’s character was nothing really special. she made the greatest impression in the old folks home case, where she was seen to have such a close bond with her grandson, KK. it was also revealed that she was pretending to have senile dementia to ease Mo-lin’s burden. that was really touching… :)

KK仔 is so cute! i really enjoyed him in all his scenes with Teresa, Ha Ping, Song and Miu-miu! he’s definitely a joy to watch! :)

Benz Hui as Tong Kat 唐吉;
Chow Chung as Tong Pak Tak 唐伯德

Tong Kat is a typical spoilt rich kid. already 40 years old, he still has nothing to his name, and is incapable of taking over his father’s business, as he is only interested in wine and women. however, he meets Mak Tai-song, and admires his abilities, and tries to make his father hire him. although Tai-song is later no longer under his employment, he sees his as a good buddy, and gets him to help him out with numerous problems he encounters.

as always, Benz Hui delivers a superb performance! his expressions are humorous, and he managed to make me laugh at his character’s stupid actions and ideas many times over!

Tong Pak Tak is a big tycoon. he is disappointed at his son’s incompetence, and sees Mak Tai-song as a good influence for his son. He trusts Tai-song more than his own son, but because of this trust, he almost fell prey to Martin’s evil plan.

Chow Chung’s performance is rather limited, due to his role. he is just meant to be a background character, who holds all the power and money, and tries means and ways to get his son to mature and take over his business; that is not successful, and most of the time, you see him looking really disappointed.

Power Chan as Lam Mok Sum 林木森 (Sam);
Mandy Cho as Wah Kiu 華翹

Sam is Miu-miu’s brother. he is the CEO’s assistant, and a basically a suck-up. he is capable, but in order to try to climb the corporate ladder, he tries hard to please his boss, and this goes into full swing when the company he works for undergoes management issues, and there is one point where he becomes a bit schizophrenic, as he wants to please his current boss Sum-bo, by being the bad guy to Johnny in front of her, but when she is gone, he treats him like gold, not wanting to offend him as he is the big boss’ son.

Power was so super funny as Sam! i loved the part which i mentioned above about being schizophrenic! LOL :D despite being a totally selfish character who was greedy, i enjoyed Sam’s presence a lot, as he always had something new to offer – whether his expressions, or silly money-grubbing plans. Power’s a joy to watch :)

Wah Kiu is Sam’s wife, an equally selfish and greedy character. she made the most impression in the 5th case, as she was trying to rake in a fortune by investing in old flats, which she thought would be sold to big developers for a hefty price. the project was called off in the end, and both husband and wife lost a lot of money, and chalked up a huge debt.

Mandy was OK as Wah Kiu. her chemistry with Power was surprisingly good. they really seemed like great partners… in money-grubbing! they had the same goals to improve their lives and all, but most of all, i enjoyed watching Mandy’s scenes with Charmaine – the both of them were equally well-dressed, and so similar when shopping and branded goods were concerned.

Michael Tse as Johnny Ngon Jo Lin 安祖連;
Queenie Chu as Sum Bo 安芯葆

like Tong Kat, Johnny is another typical rich kid, who only dreams about becoming a superstar, and is intent on being a singer or actor. when all his plans fail, he is demoted to the logistics department, and from there, he works his way up and matures. he treats Tai-song as his good buddy, and doesn’t know the truth about Tai-song being his older half-brother. i really liked Johnny’s character development, from being so idealistic and unrealistic, then he becomes down-to-earth, and from never eating rice, he finally learns to appreciate rice, his family’s stable business.

i thought Michael Tse was the 2nd male lead, but it turns out that he only appears for 1 case. his role as Johnny was really great; i enjoyed watching it a lot. Johnny was especially funny when he was having his superstar dreams, and he thought he was so great; he was oblivious to everything around him – i mean, he even stole a singer’s stage and got chased off by fans!

Sum Bo is Johnny’s elder twin sister. she and Johnny are so different in character. while Johnny is a showman, Sum Bo is the down-to-earth. to her, time is money, and she wastes no time with unimportant things. she is very business-oriented, and takes no nonsense.

i was surprised Queenie Chu is playing Michael Tse’s older sister! she’s so much younger than him; but she does look mature, and Michael looks young too. i think Queenie was really convincing as this cold and straight-to-the-point businesswoman. i didn’t like her character though; she was too serious and only thought about work. i mean, it was so obvious that her Mum admitted that Tai-song was her son, but Queenie didn’t hear her, and proceeded to comment on how smooth her mother’s hands were – her mind was all on business.

Koni Lui as Vivien;
JJ Jia as Gigi

there’s really nothing much to say about Vivien and Gigi. both of them were similar characters, i guess. they both loved Tong Kat, they both cared for the elderly and young, they both wanted to be with Tai-song in the end.

i wasn’t too impressed by Koni Lui and JJ Jia. their roles were bland, and therefore, that did not make their performances worth talking about. what i want to comment about is that Koni is so tall! she towered over everyone in the 3rd case! :)

Jason Pai as Lam Chung Chai 林忠齊;
Oscar Leung as Choi 才

in the beginning, Choi was just Chai’s employee. although he treated him like family, as he was always having meals in his house, their relationship later changed as Miu-miu encouraged her father to take Choi as his disciple, as she was not at all interested in making noodles. Chai later handed his shop and his skills over to Choi, and Choi was so grateful. Choi later punched Tai-song in the 5th case, as Chai-Kee was in danger of being sold again.

i enjoyed Jason Pai and Oscar Leung’s performances! Oscar was pretty funny in the beginning, when he was after Mo-lin, only to be scared off by Tai-song. he later managed to learn Chai’s skills and made ‘sai-yung’ which tasted like his mentor’s. although both their scenes were pretty scarce compared to the rest of the cast, they were great background characters who were delightful to watch!

Cheung Kwok Keung as Martin 何問天

Martin is the only evil character in this series. he was only mentioned in the beginning, but you never saw him, except in flashbacks. he was Tai-song’s mentor, the one who taught him all he knew. Tai-song betrayed Martin, and his betrayal caused Martin to have a car-crash and thus, he disappeared. he left behind a mountain of debt, and Tai-song cleared out his life savings to help Martin’s wife, Mo-lin, clear them. Martin returns in the 5th case, full of vengeance, looking to regain everything he lost…

i don’t think i’ve seen Cheung Kwok Keung before. even if i have, i can’t remember. after his role as Martin, i’ll definitely remember him, ‘cos this character was so evil, and Cheung Kwok Keung did a brilliant job! it was creepy how he always had this evil smirk lurking somewhere on his face. his character undoubtedly brought suspense and danger to complete the plot and make it such a brilliant story!

final thoughts:

i really really really enjoyed this series! Dayo Wong is brilliant! :)

the series was funny, the characters were really colourful and interesting – you never knew what to expect, ‘cos there were all kinds of twists and turns in the plot and in characters’ development. this series has everything – sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness.

couples like Tai-song and Miu-miu were sweet, and so were family scenes involving Mo-lin, Betty and KK :) the taste of success for Chai-Kee was also sweet!

the sourness came in jealousy – this was most apparent in the 3rd and 4th cases, where the women fought over Tong Kat, and Sum-Bo’s feelings towards her family;

bitterness was Tai-song’s feelings when meeting his mother, and when Martin returned with vengeance on his mind.

the saltiness is Sam and Wah Kiu’s money grubbing ways, how it all came back to haunt them in the end…

not to mention that… Mak Tai-song and Lam Miu-miu were also a really unlikely but cute couple! their constant bickering was very funny :D it was also so interesting how they were total opposites clothes-wise – Tai-song only had 1 design in numerous pieces, and Miu-miu’s outfits were different in every episode!

overall, this series was very engaging, and i really enjoyed it so much!

it’s a MUST WATCH!! :D


i’m finally done!

i think this review is too long! i’m sorry, i got carried away!

in my next review, i’ll try to put less photos and write less summaries; don’t want to spoil it for those who’ve not watched it! :)

**all photos are property of TVB**


TVB 2010 Sales Presentation

December 12, 2009

this year’s Sales Presentation is the 1st i’ve seen in my whole life! i guess this really marks the start of me doing more than just following TVB dramas :)

these series will be put into 4 categories according to what i’m most excited to to not excited about at all:

  3. let’s see how it goes.
  4. no thank you.

[all photos belong to TVB; screencaps by me :)]

Cops/ Interpol 刑警

Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Crystal Tin, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Chan, Vincent Wong

this 30 episode action drama is Felix Wong’s comeback series, marking a drama where 2 of  the TVB five tigers reunite :)

this is a police drama, which deals with crime and justice. yet, it has a revenge plot which is dark and mysterious. i’ve seen many others mention that this is like a cross-over between “Last One Standing” and “E.U.”, both of which i loved!

the whole edginess is so cool, and i always enjoy a Michael Miu series! :) it looks so exciting! glad to see Jessica Hsuan back to starring in a TVB series! i’m really excited about this; hope it doesn’t disappoint!

current status: on my MUST WATCH! list :D

“Wu Jie Monk” 武偈大師

Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Michael Tse, Sunny Chan

palace intrigue, schemes and blood seem to be the theme of this drama; very ironic for a drama named after a monk. in this drama, TVB seems to be trying to draw the line between ultimate good and ultimate evil – an interesting concept, throwing a pure monk into the treacherous world filled with greed and lust.

Bosco look rather creepy as a monk. and the passionate scene between Kate Tsui and Michael Tse was disturbing.

current status: let’s see how it goes.

“Seven Days of Love Next Door” 隔離七日情

Bobby Auyeung, Bowie Lam, Sonija Kwok, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Yoyo Mung, Crystal Tin, Dexter Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Ram Tseung

TVB are so smart! this is based on a real event! see BBC, WSJ, CNN 1, CNN 2 :) TVB just spiced it up and made it into a semi-comedy!

i enjoyed this preview the most! the star-studded cast is another reason to watch this series – everyone’s expressions are so cute! the whole pace of this drama and its little sub-plots all seem hilarious and interesting! i can’t stop laughing at Evergreen’s reaction when Myolie dropped the knife on him; and Bowie’s expression when he realised his wife was having an affair with his boss – gosh! Bobby Auyeung pairs with Yoyo Mung again? haha ok. i expect lots of laughs and many memorable funny moments. yes, i have high hopes for this show :)

current status: on my MUST WATCH! list :D

Five Flavours of Life 五味人生

Esther Kwan, Roger Kwok, Michelle Yim, Derek Kwok, Oscar Leung

this 25 episode pre-modern drama focuses on cooking; this is Esther Kwan’s so-called comeback series since she left “Best Selling Secrets” halfway last year.

this series looks very dramatic; it’s more than just cooking. there’s plenty of misery, family politics, a love triangle (between Esther, Roger and Derek), and many slapping scenes.

that said, i’m looking forward to this series! can’t wait to see Esther Kwan onscreen again, and Michelle Yim, Roger Kwok and Derek Kwok never disappoint.

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

Shall We State the Case 談情說案

Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu, Jack Wu, Lisa S.

this 25 episode series marks the return of the Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung pairing. this is another crime drama, in which physics is used to solve crimes :)

everyone is looking forward to FungYi and Bernice-Kenneth in this series. i actually haven’t seen a FungYi series before, and only saw Bernice and Kenneth in “Into Thin Air”. the way Raymond was solving the cases sounds so super profound. haha :D and Tavia looks so cool as a policewoman. Kenneth Ma seems to have a pretty cool role, somewhat like how he appeared in “D.I.E.”; overall, this series is very different from others TVB has produced, so i’m looking forward to it!

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

The Legend of Pu Songling 蒲松齡

Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, Fala Chen, Elaine Yiu, Matthew Ko, Rebecca Chan

this 25 episode series focuses on the author of 聊齋 (Liao Zhai), Pu Songling, and his lifestory. Steven Ma is Pu Songling, and once again, he acts with Linda Chung and Fala Chen (they were all in “A Journey Called Life”).

i’ve not watched a single adaptation of 聊齋, but the preview of this series looks very interesting. Steven Ma’s theme song is so beautiful, and the whole feeling the preview gave me is haunting, yet it’s sad and tragic. ok, i don’t really know what i’m saying, but i think i’ll be looking forward to this. Steven Ma doesn’t disappoint!

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

“Female Fist” 女拳

Liu Xuan, David Chiang

this series features Wong Fei-hung (David Chiang)’s last woman, who was 40 years younger than him. lots of kung-fu and fighting scenes are expected.

other than the fact that the main character is someone i’ve never seen before, much less know who she is (other than that she is an Olympic gold medalist), this series seems to feature a lot of fighting and kung-fu. that’s pretty cool. however, if the storyline isn’t solid, no matter how good the fighting is, it won’t be very engaging.

current status: let’s see how it goes.

Twilight Investigation 囧探查過界

Linda Chung, Wong He, Raymond Wong, Lai Lok Yi, Toby Leung

this 20 episode comedy promises to bring even more laughs to the crime/detective genre than “D.I.E.”!

haha, Linda’s so cute, in this bimbotic role. LOL :D and Wong He is equally amusing! hold on, is this even a detective series? or are they P.I.s? ‘cos they seem to be secretly snapping photos and placing hidden cameras quite a lot. hehehe.

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

Growing Through Life 摘星之旅

Damian Lau, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Toby Leung, Cecilia Yip, Dominic Lam, Power Chan, Mimi Chu, Felix Lok, Tammy Ho, Oscar Chan, Vivien Yeo, Matthew Ko

this 30 episode co-production with the Shanghai Television Station is a dramatic series with tons of family problems, and fights over power and money.

it seems like “The Drive of Life” is back, with Damien Lau, Raymond Lam and Toby Leung. and yes, it’s a co-production with China, like “The Drive of Life” was. it focuses on a huge business, like “The Drive of Life” did. it may not be 60 episodes, so i might give it a try. Bosco seems to be evil; i’ll be looking forward to that – i still can’t get his evil smirk while swirling his wine out of my head. haha :D

current status: let’s see how it goes.

The Arrival of the Princess 公主駕到

Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Fala Chen,Raymond Wong, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam

i’m not a fan of costume-comedies (think “A Bride for a Ride”); and if TVB really adds those ‘special comic effects’ in, it’ll make it look like such a cheap production. i guess that’s not a good impression ‘cos with this star-studded cast, we would really expect something better. the plot doesn’t seem very solid, and it’s probably petty revenge on the princess’ part which will entail her falling for Moses.

current status: no thank you.

Forensic Heroes III 法證先鋒 III

not confirmed but Kevin Cheng and Raymond Cho will be in it.

the preview was the most disappointing of the whole lot! they didn’t even bother to make a proper preview ‘cos all the clips were all taken from I & II! more crime and solving them by using forensics is expected. the problem is how many of the original cast will be included in this series – if there’s no Bobby, Yoyo and Frankie, there’s no point. we know there’s Kevin (from II) and Raymond Cho (from I & II), but the two of them just aren’t enough to carry the “Forensic Heroes” name properly.

current status: even though there’s no proper preview, plot, or even confirmation of who’s going to be inside, i’ll be LOOKING FORWARD TO it :) yes, i was enjoyed FHI, and was so addicted to FHII, can’t miss this.

“Rosy Business: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love” 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情

Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Susan Tse, Nancy Wu, Fala Chen, Kara Hui, Raymond Wong, Pierre Ngo

this 30 episode series is set in the 1930s and deals with the opium trade. the story starts before the Second Sino-Japanese war, goes through those turbulent times and continues when the war is over.

wow. i don’t know what else to say. the story looks amazing – even better than “Rosy Business”! it’s great to see the “Rosy Business” cast reunite, with the exception of Ron Ng. new cast include Fala Chen and Raymond Wong. Sheren’s role is the most intriguing – OMG she’s ruthless! it was so sad when she was ordering Pierre to kill all those who refused to collaborate with her, and Wayne walked right into that scene with a ring – he was going to propose to her! i’m looking forward to this series so badly!!

current status: on the top of my MUST WATCH! list!!! :D

i’m done with my ‘special’ posts! my subsequent posts will all be reviews on dramas i’ve completed recently, like “You’re Hired”, “The Four” and “To Get Unstuck in Time”. i’ll also review series which i finished a while ago. keep a look out for them!


TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: results and thoughts

December 12, 2009

every year’s TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony (萬千星輝頒獎典禮) is anticipated by tons of TVB followers and supporters around the world. this year marks the 42nd anniversary of TVB, and this event took place on the 4th December 2009, at the TVB City in Tseung Kwan O.


  • Most Popular Artiste – Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (1st award)
  • Most Improved Actress – Aimee Chan 陳茵媺
  • Most Improved Actor – Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年
  • Favourite Female Character – Tavia Yeung 楊怡 (1st award) as Yiu Kam Ling from “Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計”
  • Favourite Male Character – Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (2nd award) as Chai Gau from “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄”
  • Best Supporting Actress – Susan Tse 謝雪心 “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄”
  • Best Supporting Actor – Michael Tse 謝天華 “E.U. 學警狙擊”
  • Best Performance of the Year – Tavia Yeung 楊怡 (2nd award)
  • Best Actress – Sheren Tang 鄧萃雯 “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄”
  • Best Actor – Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (3rd award) “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄”
  • Best Drama – “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Lee Tim Sing

WOW, Wayne walked away with 3 awards! i was so so so so happy! and Tavia garnered 2 awards! Sheren won Best Actress!
Aimee winning Most Improved Actress was the biggest disappointment of the night. but well… it was expected, but since TVB gave us so many surprises, why couldn’t they have given it to Sharon and surprise us and make us all happy? :)
Pierre Ngo’s Most Improved Actor award, Susan Tse’s Best Supporting Actress award and Michael Tse’s Best Supporting Actor award were all expected but nonetheless, they were very well-deserved :) i’m so pleased that “Rosy Business” is the drama which swept most of the awards, like what 2007’s “Heart of Greed” and last year’s “Moonlight Resonance” did! i was quite surprised that TVB’s grand productions, “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” and “Born Rich” were neglected when the Top 5’s were announced; but i guess that worked out to “Rosy Business” advantage! i really couldn’t have asked for more in these awards; i’m very satisfied! :) Most Popular Artiste

Wayne Lai 黎耀祥

[photo credits to & tungstar]

congrats, Wayne!

i never expected Wayne to win the award! i was out, and couldn’t watch the awards ceremony, so my friend was SMS-ing (texting) me, and he was saying that maybe TVB gave Wayne the award as a consolation prize as they won’t give him Best Actor (and we know it isn’t true, heh). at that moment i was quite worried ‘cos i was fully supporting Wayne for Best Actor!

i was really sure Tavia was gonna get this award, so it came as a surprise to me when my friend told me that Wayne won! and it’s a great result too!! :)

Most Improved Actress

Aimee Chan 陳茵媺

[photo credits to & tungstar]

1. Queenie Chu
2. Koni Lui
3. Catherine Chau
4. Sharon Chan
5. Aimee Chan

it was an expected result, and the most disappointing one of the night; i had really hoped Sharon would get it, but, Aimee’s speech showed how humble she was, and i do wish her all the best!

Most Improved Actor

Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年

[photo credits to & tungstar]

1. Johnson Lee
2. Pierre Ngo
3. Raymond Wong
4. Raymond Chiu
5. Jim Tang

it was again, an expected result. he really deserves it!! :) wow, 10 years with TVB and he is finally given the recognition he deserves. his roles were portrayed so well that finally, he managed to make his mark in TVB and the audience noticed him! look forward to more great performances by Pierre (no more wastrel roles, please)!

Favourite Female Character

Tavia Yeung 楊怡 as Yiu Kam Ling 姚金鈴 from “Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計”

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Teresa Mo (Off Pedder 畢打自己人)
2. Sheren Tang (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
3. Charmaine Sheh (You’re Hired 絕代商驕)
4. Charmaine Sheh (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)
5. Tavia Yeung (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)

wow, Charmaine’s 2 characters made it to the top5! this is a great top 5 :) they all deserve the place here…
i’m very pleased that Tavia won this award :) she worked really hard as Yiu Kam Ling (i’ve not watched “Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計” yet, but from the clips i’ve seen, she has impressed me!) and really deserves this award; actually, i wouldn’t have minded if the other 4 won either – i had voted Sheren :)

Favourite Male Character

Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 as Chai Gau from “Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄”

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Moses Chan (The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣)
2. Michael Tse (E.U. 學警狙擊)
3. Wayne Lai (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
4. Dayo Wong (You’re Hired 絕代商驕)
5. Kevin Cheng (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)

i think Michael Tse, Wayne Lai and Dayo Wong deserve most to be in the top5. Kevin Cheng? Moses Chan? actually Kevin Cheng’s appearance is worse. i heard that he’s the most boring character of the year in “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”?

nevermind that, Wayne won!!! :D and we (Iris and i) had predicted Michael Tse. TVB sure knows how to make their viewers and supporters happy by awarding the person who most deserves it :D it would’ve been great if Dayo won, but Wayne winning is good enough to make me very happy already :)

Best Supporting Actress

Susan Tse (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Linda Chung (The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣)
2. Susan Tse (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
3. Fala Chen (The Stew of Life 有營煮婦)
4. Susanna Kwan (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)
5. Michelle Yim (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)

Fala Chen? ok, to be fair, i’ve not seen “The Stew of Life” yet, but from the clips, i only see Timmy Hung’s ‘yeaah’ scene, and not much of Fala’s acting, which i don’t think is very fantastic ‘cos her role seems bland. if she wasn’t in this top 5, it would’ve been a perfect top 5.

Susan Tse! yeah! :) the thing she does with those super expressive eyes are amazing! if she didn’t win, i don’t know who could’ve!

Best Supporting Actor

Michael Tse 謝天華 (E.U. 學警狙擊)

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Elliot Yue (The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣)
2. Michael Tse (E.U. 學警狙擊)
3. Pierre Ngo (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
4. Lee Kwok Lun (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)
5. Kenneth Ma (Born Rich 富貴門)

Michael Tse, as expected, his name is written on this award, and he does deserve it :) how often does a supporting character make such a huge impact that a movie is made based on his character?

it’s a pretty fair top5; wow, finally “Born Rich” has a nomination! Pierre Ngo is here, not bad, but why wasn’t Ron (for Rosy Business) here? and Derek (for D.I.E. Again)!

Best Performance of the Year

Tavia Yeung 楊怡

[photo credits to & tungstar]

Tavia get award no.2! :) this is a new award too! i’m glad her hard work has been recognised since she joined TVB via the 13th Acting Class 10 years ago!

i chose this photo to show that this is Tavia’s 2nd time on stage; the award was presented to her by TVB’s GM Stephen Chan.

one question – was every single TVB artiste eligible for this award?

Best Actress

Sheren Tang (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Ada Choi (The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣)
2. Teresa Mo (Off Pedder 畢打自己人)
3. Sheren Tang (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
4. Charmaine Sheh (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)
5. Tavia Yeung (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)

my friend was supporting Gigi, and actually gave me a scare when he SMS-ed that Gigi won. blah. i was actually quite afraid that it would be a repeat of the disappointment in 2004 when Gigi won Best Actress for “War and Beauty”. NOT HAPPENING. XD

Sheren!! :D i’m so pleased she won! long live Sei Lai-lai!!! again, it’s a good top 5 :)
i was quite amused when Sheren disagreed with what Aimee Chan said about thanking TVB for making her sign a long contract; Sheren was grateful to TVB for not making her sign a contract but giving her great roles! and this is what makes us fans all uneasy ‘cos we know TVB doesn’t favour those artistes who don’t sign contracts or aren’t their ‘biological children’ in their annual award ceremony.

Best Actor

Wayne Lai (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Wayne Lai (Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄)
2. Steven Ma (Sweetness in the Salt 碧血鹽梟)
3. Bosco Wong (Burning Flame 3 烈火雄心3)
4. Dayo Wong (You’re Hired 絕代商驕)
5. Moses Chan (Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計)

Bosco Wong? what is TVB thinking? Steven Ma is OK. but Bosco could’ve been replaced by either Ray or Gallen from “Born Rich”. i bet their performances are more solid than Bosco’s was.

Wayne gets his 3rd award of the night!! :) i am so so so satisfied! Chai-gau!! i voted Wayne for both ‘Favourite Male Character’ and ‘Best Actor’ and he won both!! i’m ecstatic! :)

Best Drama

Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄

[photo credits to TVB]

[photo credits to & tungstar]

top 5 nominees:
1. Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄
2. E.U. 學警狙擊
3. Burning Flame 3 烈火雄心3
4. You’re Hired 絕代商驕
5. Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計

why is “Burning Flame 3” even on this top5 list?! even though i’ve not completed the series, i think it would’ve been much better if “Off Pedder (i’ve not completed this series, but then, it hasn’t even finished airing in HK yet)”, “D.I.E. Again” (which i’ve not seen yet but i think it should be better than BF3), or “Born Rich” replace it. i’m still puzzled on why “Born Rich” is excluded from this category!

TVB surprises yet again! they didn’t give this award to “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”, which broke all viewership records, and while everyone was anticipating that the award would go to “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” ‘cos TVB usually awards ‘Best Drama’ to the drama which has the highest viewership of the year, they gave it to — Rosy Business!!!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lee Tim Sing 李添勝

[photo credits to & tungstar]

[photo/ screencap credits to Ever Star]

wow, 40 years with TVB! amazing! he was a really happy man this night; whenever the cameras focused on him whenever Pierre, Susan, Wayne and Sheren thanked him, he was beaming with joy! his production “Rosy Business” won ‘Best Drama’, and garnered most of the awards in the acting categories :) CONGRATULATIONS!

2 of my favourite shows – “Safe Guards” and “Rosy Business” are produced by him :)

to sum this entire awards ceremony up in two words: superbly satisfying! :)

congratulations to all the winners, and nominees! your hard work is appreciated :) looking forward to TVB in 2010! :D

so here it is, my 1st review! :) please comment and tell me what you think!
my next post will be on the
TVB 2010 Sales Presentation!

it just occurred to me that this is the 1st Anniversary Awards which i’ve been so actively following, commenting on and being so enthusiastic about! :D hope this will mark more years of being addicted to TVB! :)

P.S. Iris, if you notice anything familiar with some of my comments and thoughts, it’s because i took them from the email i sent you; hope you don’t mind!


a new TVB journey :)

December 8, 2009

hi everyone!

i really don’t know how to start this post, and what to write… haha, ok, i’ll try!

first of all, this is not my first blog. i first started review-blogging in 2004; i am still reviewing and have been doing so for 5 years, but under my nickname, which i will not disclose ‘cos i don’t want to confuse things. under my nickname, i actually planned to do TVB reviews, but the plan fell through ‘cos i was too busy with my main site. i’m glad i didn’t start reviewing TVB dramas under my nickname – TVB has become a part of me that i do not want to hide behind my nickname anymore. i also do not want readers of my other blog to know my real identity.

i decided to set up this site ‘cos i’m really really really addicted to everything about TVB :) i really want to be more into the TVB blogging world by becoming a blogger myself!

recently, i’ve started making friends with many members of the TVB blogging community on twitter, and have started commenting on TVB bloggers’ blogs, all under my real identity, kRysTaL~
i’d like to thank Iris of TVB Interaction and Vivien of TVB Elicit for encouraging me and wanting to read a TVB drama review from me that i was inspired to finally set up this blog :)

i’m more passionate about TVB than i am or ever was about whatever i continue to review under my nickname. another thing is that i admire and respect all members of the TVB community, ‘cos they’re all very mature and sensible (not to mention that they write very well and are super nice people! :D).

oh yes, i also have a personal blog, which i don’t update too frequently…

i decided to set up this site at wordpress ‘cos i’m most familiar with the interface, and well, they’re brilliant!

after pondering for a long time, i have finally decided to write my 1st post on the TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: results! :) my 2nd post will most probably be on the TVB 2010 Sales Presentation! drama reviews will have to come later. i still haven’t decided what to review, but i’ll compile a list of my favourite series and i think i’ll start from there! :)

i hope you all enjoy reading whatever i post!