March 2011: new banner & updates!

March 3, 2011


It’s been a long while! 6 months to be exact. Been so busy with my exams and all post-exam activities that I’ve completely neglected this site!

I’ve been really addicted to Kpop and K-dramas recently, so much so that I’m guilty about neglecting TVB! I do miss TVB series, but I’ve heard that 2010 wasn’t a fantastic year for TVB, so I guess I didn’t miss much!

My banner was stuck at the Mid-Autumn ‘Moonlight Resonance’ banner for ages! I didn’t have time to create a new banner (no inspiration due to the fact that I haven’t been watching anything). So I have finally decided to create a default banner :D

I haven’t been watching series for a long time, and I’ve finally started watching some stuff again – Ghost Writer, Beauty Knows No Pain and Growing Through Life (on and off). I can’t believe I haven’t watched anything substantial (except for Off Pedder) in the past 6 months! There are also those series which I didn’t follow very closely, so I’m not really qualified to review them haha.

2010 series:

1) A Watchdog’s Tale 老友狗狗 – I enjoyed this. Despite the lack of promotions, I found this to be quite a heart-warming series. Steven Ma doesn’t disappoint :)

2) The Season of Fate 五味人生 – GAVE UP. I was so disappointed in this series! I think I’ve said this before, and will say it again – a very weak plot and a waste of talented artistes – Roger, Esther, Derek.

3) My Better Half 老公萬歲 (have episodes) – GAVE UP. Yet another lousy plot and despite a stellar cast, the acting wasn’t very solid either.

4) In the Eye of the Beholder 秋香怒點唐伯虎 – skipped. Maybe it was due to the fact that I watched the Mandarin-dubbed one, but the characters, especially Moses, were irritating. Didn’t particularly like the plot either.

5) A Fistful of Stances 鐵馬尋橋 – Watched some of this, but didn’t follow it religiously. Would like to watch every moment from beginning to end :)

6) Suspects in Love 搜下留情 – skipped. Pretty much saw most of this series when my Mum was watching it. It was nothing very special, but it wasn’t too bad either.

7) Fly with Me 飛女正傳 – skipped. One of the most ridiculous TVB series in 2010. Although the acting was good, the plot was just insanely out-of-this-world.

8) Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠 – Watched bits and pieces. Intense, full of scheming and evil people, I expected this to be good. Watched some when my Mum was watching, but it turned out to be a bit draggy. The acting was first class though.

9) Mysteries of Love 談情說案 – Missed this when it was airing on TV due to the fact that I refused to watch it as I have the DVD. But haven’t had time to sit down and marathon through it.

10) Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. I’ve only watched 5 episodes so far, but I really enjoy it. The onscreen chemistry between Steven, Fala and Linda is good~

11) When Lanes Merge 情越雙白線- Watched bits and pieces. Raymond Wong really impressed. Roughly know the whole plot ‘cos my parents were watching it a while back. I’d love to watch the whole series from start to end, but I think there are other series worth watching.

12) A Pillowcase of Mystery II 施公奇案II – skipped. I didn’t watch the first installment, so didn’t feel compelled to watch this one.

13) Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. I’m enjoying it. Capable cast and interesting theme. It reminds me of La Femme Desperado, and I really enjoyed that series~

14) Growing Through Life 摘星之旅 – CURRENTLY WATCHING. It’s like The Drive of Life all over again. But it is a bit more fast-paced, and the sets are pretty impressive. It’s not bad, but I’m not watching every single episode; just catching glimpses and hearing the dialogue when my Mum watches it.

15) Can’t Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 – skipped. I’m not interested in it. I have a huge grudge against costume-comedies.

16) The Comeback Clan 翻叮一族 – might skip it. I haven’t been hearing much about it. I might fast-forward through it if it airs on TV soon.

17) Every Move You Make 讀心神探 – I have this series, and have heard positive reviews. Looking forward to it.

18) No Regrets 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 – I have to watch this no matter what. The grandest production of the year! Wayne and Sheren’s award winning chemistry, and pre-modern setting – my favourite.

19) Gun Metal Grey 刑警 – Another series which I’m dying to watch!

20) Twilight Investigation 囧探查過界 – I’ve heard that this is quite funny. Might fast-forward through it.

21) Links to Temptation 誘情轉駁 – might skip it. Reviews aren’t that good huh? I thought most shows with Steven are pretty much guaranteed to be watchable haha.

22) Home Troopers 居家兵團 – Heard that it is good! May fast-forward through it haha :D

2011 series (so far…):

1) 7 Days in Life 隔離七日情 – I’m very excited about this! Heard that many people enjoyed it :)

2) The Rippling Blossom 魚躍在花見 – Might fast-forward through this.

3) Only You 只有您 – might skip it. Doesn’t sound very interesting.

4) Grace Under Fire 女拳 – might give this a try. Pre-modern setting and kungfu themed, sounds interesting.

5) Relic of an Emissary 洪武三十二 – let’s see how it goes~ I like the cast.


Hmmm… I have no idea whether I’m going to review anything soon. I missed the 2011 Sales Presentation and 2010 Awards Ceremony. And I realise that TVBfocus is a year and 3 months old already! Not done much in this time. I’d like to revive this site quickly!!!

I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me~ Everyone, come back and visit! Please suggest some post ideas for me to write about ^.^



September 2010: new banner and updates!

September 8, 2010

It’s September! And today (Sep 8th) is the start of the 8th Lunar Month, which means mooncake day is just 2 weeks away! keke ^^

ta-da! So this is my new banner~ I hope you guys like it; I’m really pleased with it haha :D

hope everyone is fine and well! :)


I’ve completed “A Watchdog’s Tale”! Sorry, but I’ve no time to write my thoughts~ Guess it’ll have to wait till another time! It was an enjoyable series though! ^^

I’m currently not watching any TVB series ‘cos I’m super uninterested in what is showing on TV now = “Cupid Stupid” and “My Better Half”. Sigh, Michael Tse overload. My Mum says “Cupid Stupid” is a waste of time, and I did catch a bit, and I guess it’s not worth spending time on – even though there’s Stevia! As for “My Better Half”, 8 minutes through and I was going crazy; I couldn’t watch that ultra lame series anymore!

The good news is that “Rosy Business” is airing now! But I prefer watching it in Cantonese, and even though I’ve seen it before (not entirely though), this is a series worth rewatching, and so I’ll just have to wait for my friend to return my Canto DVD to me hahahah :D


Exams are looming ever closer for me! And so I’ve to prematurely end this post! Take care everyone!



August 2010: new banner & updates!

August 4, 2010

hi everyone!

some quick updates! :)

Firstly, I decided to change my banner~

I made it quite long ago, but I hope it still looks nice haha :D

I also managed to make version 5.0. I won’t reveal it now, but it’ll be out during the Mooncake Festival, so I guess you guys can guess what it’s based on?
Yes, Moonlight Resonance is repeating now, and I’m addicted all over again! :) It really is my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE TVB SERIES ^^

Secondly, I am sad to say I’ve no time to do series info posts anymore.

You might also have realised that I took a break from TVB dramas for a few months. I’m now pleased to say that I managed to complete 1 TVB series – Just Love II. I’m currently watching 1 TVB series too – A Watchdog’s Tale ^^ But I’ve also given up on 1 TVB series – The Season of Fate.

Thirdly, I’ll start writing some thoughts!

Ok, now where shall I start?



Just Love II 老婆大人II

some quick thoughts — it was an OK series. I could actually do with fast-forwarding the entire series and just reading the subtitles. The acting was nothing new, and this sequel was a far cry from the magical (to me it was) prequel. The chemistry among the cast and the development of characters was nothing to shout about. Jessica Hsuan is a very capable actress, but this role made her irritating and unbearable. Sunny Chan, another very capable actor, shined only in the episodes where he had the blood clot causing him to be aggressive and Johnson-Li-13-Uncle-like :D Joyce Tang, capable and under-rated as she is, did not have a good role to stand out. Overall, I think I could’ve skipped this series entirely. It was actually a relief to finally complete it.

The Season of Fate 五味人生

I gave up on this series after 3 episodes. Much as I love Esther Kwan, Roger Kwok, Derek Kwok and Michelle Yim, and not to mention Oscar Leung and Vivien Yeo, this series was utterly disappointing for me. I actually had high hopes, especially since my impression of it was this ==> (from my 2010 Sales Presentation post)

Five Flavours of Life 五味人生

Esther Kwan, Roger Kwok, Michelle Yim, Derek Kwok, Oscar Leung

this 25 episode pre-modern drama focuses on cooking; this is Esther Kwan’s so-called comeback series since she left “Best Selling Secrets” halfway last year.

this series looks very dramatic; it’s more than just cooking. there’s plenty of misery, family politics, a love triangle (between Esther, Roger and Derek), and many slapping scenes.

that said, i’m looking forward to this series! can’t wait to see Esther Kwan onscreen again, and Michelle Yim, Roger Kwok and Derek Kwok never disappoint.

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

It was far from dramatic, there was no misery, no slapping scenes. Other than Esther’s character who was so head-strong and lovable, and Michelle Yim, who was rather cute, much of my later impression of the series was cheesy slap-stick comedy delivered by Roger Kwok. Derek Kwok’s sissy weak character was a waste of the talented actor’s acting skills. I expected a dramatic pre-modern series about food. What I got was a comedic pre-modern series about Roger conning people. Ok, so maybe it gets better as the show progresses? I’m not sure, nor do I want to find out. I might just be disappointed again.

A Watchdog’s Tale 老友狗狗

I didn’t have high hopes for this series at all. I thought of skipping it, but I’m glad I didn’t! I was totally addicted to the first 2 episodes! Steven Ma, as usual, doesn’t disappoint. He’s so awesome! And since I’ve put down my bias against Raymond Wong, I’m beginning to appreciate his acting more and more :) I forgot this was a reunion of “A Journey Called Life” cast – Steven, Kent, Linda! I laughed so hard when Steven got stuck in the toilet bowl. Gosh, that was hillarious! And Maggie being kidnapped by her stupid brother – classic! Will be watching on and I think I’ll be able to review this series fully! ^^


I hope this is enough of an update for now! Exams are coming closer and closer, so wish me luck! haha :D



July 2010: new banner

July 5, 2010

to start the month, firstly, i changed the banner! was getting a bit tired of ver. 3.0.

this is ver. 2.0 by the way – the orders are all wrong, but oh well…

i only have 1 more version left. guess i’ll have to find some time to create a new banner. hmmmm any ideas anyone? ^^

so, how’s everyone? i hope everyone is good and well! :)

i haven’t had time to update! no time even to compile the series info post for both Ghost Writer and When Lanes Merge! i’ve heard good things about those series, and will be watching them… though i don’t think i’ll be able to do that anytime soon

4 more months remain till November, the month of exams! 5 more months to free-ness and freedom :) i’m looking forward to that. i hope by then i’ll be able to get this site up and running. i realise i’ve not done much with it since i set it up in December. oh wait. in 5 months i’ll be celebrating TVB focus’ 1st anniversary? wow. time does pass really fast, doesn’t it? hmmmm not much to celebrate then huh! hmph. argh enough emo-ness.

i’ll like to thank you all my faithful readers and wonderful online friends :D i’ll make my reviewing comeback soon!



new banner & TVB Central Mag!!

June 9, 2010

hi guys!!

finally found some time to update! :)

firstly, you might have noticed my new banner! it’s version 3.0, ‘cos it was the 3rd banner i created for this site, but it’s the 2nd banner i’ve decided to feature here at TVB focus, so now i’m not sure how my ‘version’ thingy works! anyway, i’ve decided to feature Forensic Heroes II ‘cos they’re now repeating it on TV, and i’ve been re-addicted (well sorta) :D


TVB Central Magazine –
Issue 1, featuring Mysteries of Love

my article, “Love, according to TVB” is featured inside!! :D do download the .pdf from TVB Central and leave me a comment at my twitter, weibo or at my shoutbox please!!!


lastly, i’m sad to say that i don’t think i’ll be able to churn out any reviews in the next few months. my exams are coming closer and closer. and i’ve taken a break from TVB series too; i’m only watching Off Pedder now~ (actually i’ve been watching 3 K-dramas — ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Cinderella Man’ & ‘IRIS’ — so i have to complete them before i resume a TVB series) :D next on my TVB playlist – A Fistful of Stances, followed by Sisters of Pearl and then Mysteries of Love! :D lets see if i can actually find the time and energy to catch these series! i’ll be leaving the mediocre series for after my exams :D these are the best series of this year so far, aren’t they?

oh wait. i’ve forgotten about Beyond the Realm of Conscience – they’ll be showing it on TV very soon… i think i’ll be watching that. the possibility of me watching this is higher than the 3 series mentioned above since it’ll be on TV ^^


my next post will be “new series in June!“, featuring Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (wrote about it in my Sales Presentation post) and Love for Double White Lines 情越雙白線 (hmmm? not heard of this series!!)

take care everyone! till my next update! :)


new series in May!

May 3, 2010

hi guys!!

i’m pretty excited about the series in May! Yayy – Sisters of Pearl and Mysteries of Love! I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching both!! :D


Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠 (Jeung Seung Ming Jue)

(picture credits to OFFICIAL SITE @ tvb.com)

Broadcast Period: 3 May 2010 – 6 Jun 2010

Genre: Pre-modern

Length: 28 (HK) / 30 (overseas) episodes

Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriters: Suen Ho Ho & Lee Yee Wah

Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Kiki Sheung, Bowie Lam, Michael Tao, Joyce Tang, Macy Chan, Joel Chan


After the death of her husband, CHU PIK-HA (Jessica Hsuan) returns to her maiden home with her son, in a deliberate attempt to take over the family jewelry business from her big sister CHU PIK-WAN (Kiki Sheung).  To prevent HA from getting too out of hand, WAN needs her matrilocal husband HO CHEUNG-HING (Bowie Lam) to create trouble for her sibling.  HING does not follow her instructions, but instead secretly helps HA tackle her problems one by one.  WAN soon comes to realize that HING has never really got over HA.  WAN’s little sister CHU PIK-LAM (Macy Chan) is still attending school and too young to deal with such family issues.  WAN feels a profound sense of helplessness and becomes even more frustrated when SO LAI-SHEUNG (Joyce Tang) turns up suddenly claiming to be a mistress of her late father and pregnant with his baby.  Out of respect for their father, the sisters agree to put SHEUNG up for the time being until the situation becomes clearer.  Shortly thereafter, HA discovers that SHEUNG is just a tool of her cousin HUNG YIU-SANG (Michael Tao), who has been plotting to wage a battle of wills against the CHUs.

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


I wasn’t aware of such a series, but after watching the trailers, I’m so excited about it! For one, I love the pre-modern theme, and with such a solid cast, with people we’ve not seen in a while – Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam and Michael Tao, I’m quite sure the acting won’t disappoint! Stories about large families, dominated by women, is definitely a big selling point, and I’m really anticipating this! Although I’m not a fan of Kiki Sheung or Michael Tao, there is no doubt about their acting abilities! Not to mention Joyce Tang, who is very underrated. Yes, I’ll be watching this!! :)


The Mysteries of Love 談情說案 (Taam Ching Suet On)

(picture credits to OFFICIAL SITE @ tvb.com)

Broadcast Period: 24 May 2010 – 25 Jun 2010

Genre: Modern

Length: 25 episodes

Producer: Lau Ka Ho

Scriptwriters: Wong Yuk Dak & Leung Mun Wah

Cast: Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu


This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

KING POK (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend LO TIN-HANG (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, POK assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets the policewoman CHUI SIU-LAI (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational POK evaluates that he has fallen in love with LAI because of a love hormone called “phenylalanine”. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, POK fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited HANG has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist LING MAN-KA (Bernice Liu). HANG doesn’t believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that MAN is going to get married.

(info credits to Astro on Demand)


I covered this series shortly in my TVB 2010 Sales Presentation post:

this 25 episode series marks the return of the Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung pairing. this is another crime drama, in which physics is used to solve crimes :)

everyone is looking forward to FungYi and Bernice-Kenneth in this series. i actually haven’t seen a FungYi series before, and only saw Bernice and Kenneth in “Into Thin Air”. the way Raymond was solving the cases sounds so super profound. haha :D and Tavia looks so cool as a policewoman. Kenneth Ma seems to have a pretty cool role, somewhat like how he appeared in “D.I.E.”; overall, this series is very different from others TVB has produced, so i’m looking forward to it!

current status: on my LOOKING FORWARD TO list :)

This is still my stand! :) After the Forensic Heroes series, this has a potential to be another series with sequels? And with FungYi, it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit! :D


Till next month to the next series information! :)


To Get Unstuck in Time 隔世追兇

May 3, 2010

I meant to complete this post before “Suspects in Love” ended, ‘cos it was Flora’s last series, and SIL is Flora’s comeback series. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Flora’s, but I thought it would be significant to publish this post in this manner. Anyway, SIL has ended, and I still haven’t gotten this post published. Been so busy that I’ve been neglecting my site; haven’t written a review for ages, and have only been doing series info. Guess this has to change… well, once in a while :)

Hmmm… I’m still trying to figure out what the difference between a ‘thoughts’ post and a ‘review’ is. I had planned a ‘thoughts’ post, but it seems to be morphing into a ‘review’ haha :D

OK, this is a ‘thoughts’ post. My ‘thoughts’ posts are much much shorter than ‘reviews’. It won’t feature any pictures either.

Tada! So this is my first thoughts post here at TVB focus!! :D

[official tvb.com site :)]

Starring Roger Kwok as Ho Tin Gwong (Morning Sir), a very dedicated police officer who is sharp and solves cases quickly, Flora Chan as Ho San, a wheelchair-bound novelist who writes detective novels, Benz Hui as Ho Dai Hor, Roger’s father, a policeman who was disgraced when he was found dead of drug overdose on a prostitute’s bed, Kiki Sheung as Mon Jer, Roger’s mother, a forensic technician, Patrick Tang, Cherie Kong…, “To Get Unstuck in Time” is a crime series full of suspense, twists and turns.

“To Get Unstuck in Time” is a different kind of time-traveling series. Our main character, Roger, doesn’t go back in time, but he’s able to communicate with his dead father in a parallel world 20 years ago. The concept is novel, and although the idea of communicating via an old handphone which was struck by lightning and miraculously gave an insight into the past sounds ridiculous, the series was extremely cool and exciting.

Because of this phone, and his policeman father’s investigations then, Roger is able to crack cases which have been deemed as ‘cold cases’. Unravelling the truths in these cold cases, lives are changed, especially when it affects 1) Shek Sau, a murder suspect who has been on the run for years. He’d actually undergone plastic surgery so he could stay and look after his aged father, in the police’s plain sight. 2) Cherie Kong, Roger’s colleague who likes him . She is introduced as Flora’s cousin, only that wasn’t a truth. A deep dark secret revealed that Cherie is actually Flora’s biological younger sister.

Case 1: the serial killings.

For the past 20 years, a serial killer has been on the loose, and he is identified as Hor Ching Nam. When he claims his next victim, Roger and his team are on the case, and Flora keeps tagging along. They later trace Hor Ching Nam’s location to that of… Flora’s boss, the owner of the publishing company. With his father’s help and valuable information, Roger and Flora lure the real killer (Johnson Lee) out.

turning point 1 – Shek Sau is released and cleared of all accusations. He becomes a frequent guest to Roger’s house, and helps Kiki unravel knots in her heart, as he is well-versed in psychology.

Case 2:

I don’t really remember what happened in this case. It had something to do with the note in the greenhouse, among the roses – some kind of dying wish or something. Involves a rich family and the death/disappearance a woman.

The second case dealt with a man who asked Flora to write a story about his late wife (who had just died). There’s a twist to how the wife had died, and involved Roger’s late father, who was part of the reason why the wife had died.

excerpt from tvb#1fan’s review at spcnet.tv :)

aha! I remember this case already! I can’t remember how the rich guy’s wife died, but I remember what the note proved – it helped clear Roger’s dad’s name, as this woman was a prostitute before, and Roger’s dad had ‘patronised’ her on the pretense of using that time to spy on a criminal.

Case 3: coma after falling from a building.

For the past 20 years, this man has been in a coma. He suddenly wakes up, and with his awakening, the case of someone pushing him off a building is passed to Roger and team. The building which he fell from has been demolished, and Roger seeks the help of his father. It is later revealed that the culprit is Flora’s mother, and Cherie is actually the daughter of this guy, who was a baddie.

turning point 2 – This revelation marks a difference in Flora’s family structure. Cherie tries to come to terms with the truth, and it is noticeable how the 2 sisters will be fighting for the same man, Roger, now.

Case 4: the jewelry case.

Starring Rachel Kan, this case was about trying to frame Roger, and where Patrick gets very aggressive. It was a strange case, and Patrick’s sudden transformation leads to another side investigation, and he is suspected of nursing a grudge against Roger, or rather, Roger’s father.

The fourth case dealt with a precious diamond that the CID had to secure. This precious diamond determined if two lovers have destiny together. The owner of it was a young women who had her secrets, and she was actually seeking revenge. This case was where Roger and Flora discovered they were fated to be together. The true reason why this woman wanted revenge was because of Roger’s dad. Roger was accused of stealing the precious diamond one night while on duty, and it was all part of the plan to break his family. It also turned out that the women’s father was the best friend of Roger’s dad.

excerpt from tvb#1fan’s review at spcnet.tv :)

turning point 3 – Roger and Flora get together after clearing up all misunderstandings, including getting rid of Cherie. Cherie gets together with Patrick. But Flora and Roger were not to be. Flora starts feeling insecure because of her disability and she wants to break up with Roger. Roger decides to change the past and save Flora from her accident, thinking they could be together if she wasn’t handicapped…

the ultimate turning point – episode 14.

Everything changes. All the cases and everything which had happened in the past few months were all altered. For one, Flora and her family are no more – Cherie lives with her mother, and Flora’s father is a despicable lawyer who doesn’t care hoots about his family ever since they divorced. Flora is missing. She went missing 20 years ago. Their youngest brother doesn’t exist since it was Flora’s accident which brought the family back together.

Roger is supposed to be dating Cherie now. Shek Sau was still in prison, the note in the greenhouse was never found, and in the jewelry case, it was Cherie who had saved Roger from a bullet, deepening their relationship.

Roger’s performance during these few episodes were the best. He totally radiated the lost and confused feeling so well. This had to be the best episode, as the music and everything fit so nicely to make me, a viewer, also feel so lost and dejected about the whole turn of events. I felt so sorry for Roger, but there was nothing he could do to reverse the situation.

Case 5: the final case.

It is in his confused state that he goes to look for Flora’s father, a despicable lawyer for the underworld. Following him to a house, they narrowly escape death when this house explodes. The events which follow introduce Flora’s character, now called Nicole. Not only can she walk, but she is not in the least disabled as she is well-versed in martial arts. Roger refuses to accept the truth that she is a member of the underworld.

This case is by far the most exciting, as it directly involves the underworld and how they fight for ownership and power. Masquerading as the deceased chief’s daughter, Nicole has immense power and influence. It is later revealed that Nicole had committed crimes – she is sentenced to jail.

Nicole is sweeping floors along with inmates and sees a ring on the ledge. Morning Sir comes up and tells her that he would wait for her until she’s served her prison sentence. He will just let future run its natural course. Morning Sir says he had a dream last night, of the 2 of them, happily under the rays of a rainbow. Nicole said, “That person in your dreams isn’t me.” A rainbow comes out, and Nicole exclaims, “So beautiful!” like the first time Go San said it. Roger says, “I said that person was you.”

excerpt from clouds421’s review at the dramawiki page :)

Flora’s dual roles were a first for her, but they didn’t impress me that much. Of course, I preferred the optimistic Ko San more than Nicole, but Nicole was pretty cool too :D As for Roger, he’s done plenty of these police roles, so it’s nothing new. I did, however, say that he impressed me in ep14. Patrick Tang and Cherie Kong were sweet together, but I didn’t think they gave particularly good performances. As for the veterans, Shek Sau, Benz Hui and Kiki Sheung, they did a great job!

Overall, I really really enjoyed this series! It was very exciting, and although I haven’t commented much on the acting – it wasn’t the main focus anyway, since this great plot overshadowed the performances, it was all bearable, for this awesome plot :) I highly recommend this series for its well-paced plot, and well, it was ultra cool! A very refreshing concept and I’m sure you’ll be addicted like I was! :)